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  (2)机器学习研究室,主任:刘  扬,成员:刘晓燕、刘国军、王春宇









Institute of Computer Science and Technology    

Institute of Computer Science and Technology consists of four research laboratories: hearing intelligence laboratory, machine learning laboratory, image processing laboratory, intelligent control and system laboratory, among whom, 1 is professor and doctoral supervisor, and 9 are associate professors and master supervisors. The main research directions include: theory and technique of machine hearing intelligence, theory and application of machine learning, image processing technique, system and application of intelligent control. The institute has completed a number of National Basic Research Program of China (973 Program), National High-tech R&D Programs of China (863 Program), programs supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China and the provincial and ministerial level scientific research projects, which won 3 provincial awards. More than 300 papers have been published in recent years.

The typical achievements:

(1) Research on the distortion analysis of speech effected by noise and stress and robust speech recognition, the second-class award of Heilongjiang province, China, 2006.08

(2) Research on audio information analysis, retrieval and security techniques, the second-class award of Heilongjiang province, China, 2008.07

(3) The technique of content surveillance for high traffic network, the second-class award of Heilongjiang province, China, 2009.08